ONE MILLION followers on YouTube – THANK YOU !!!

I reached a new milestone on my YouTube channel: we’re now officially a community of ONE MILLION travelers. That’s pretty insane and I want to thank each & every one of you ❤️

I launched the channel a few years ago, as a way to cope with my fear of flying (by taking videos when I am in a plane). Since these flight videos somehow became popular, I started adding luxury hotel videos as well. Over time, the videos became less ‘amateurish’ and more dreamy, as you may have noticed ?. And now, the channel – which has a focus on the travel experience itself, not on myself – has more than 200 million views and is one of the most popular travel channels on YouTube. Wow!

It’s a great hobby and I’ll continue doing it as long as I enjoy it. Thank you so much for being with me on this amazing journey!

The beautiful soundtrack that was featured in this video can be found at Artlist.


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