NAMIBIA | Surreal landscapes + iconic animals + powerful music

Here’s a short 4K video featuring the incredible highlights of Namibia accompanied with a heavenly soundtrack. Make sure to watch the entire clip as the music gets extremely powerful after the one minute mark.

Namibia in Southern Africa is a top destination for travelers who enjoy unrivaled natural scenery, unearthly looking landscapes, spectacular sand dunes and first-class wildlife viewing. Over the coming two months, I will publish several videos featuring Namibia’s stunning ultra-luxe lodges.

Initially, I created this short video for Instagram as a short teaser for my upcoming Namibia trip reports. But then I discovered this incredibly beautiful piece of music by Trevor Kowalski. The soundtrack matched my footage of Namibia’s spectacular landscapes so well, that I felt the video deserved an upload on YouTube as a trailer for my upcoming Namibia series.

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Trekking – Travel to Find Yourself

Adventure activities are ‘the’ core friend, philosopher, and guide of the YOLO generation. Helping us inch closer to the nature and in turn life, adventure pursuits inculcate the values of adjustment and co-existence. Trekking is the starting point of this self-conclave at the physical, mental, and emotional level. Fitness is a beautiful side effect of this.

Five Magical Croatian Islands

There are thousands of Croatian islands speckling the Adriatic Sea, each of which has something slightly different to offer. Whether you want a romantic vacation, a hedonist’s heaven, an active adventure-filled holiday or a complete retreat from the busy modern world, the Croatian islands can deliver. Here are five of these wonderful islands, each one magical in its own special way: Mljet – For nature and romance: Mljet is an island shrouded in myth and legend.

Rafting the Futaleuf River in Chile

Nestled in the high mountains of Patagonia, Chile, the Futaleuf River proves to be an exciting and prime rafting destination. Rafting in this Chilean river reveals spectacular mountain scenery that will amaze rafting beginners and experts alike.

The Greek Island of Evia, In Search of Dragons

Evia is technically an island but it feels much more like the mainland due to the two bridges that link it to mainland Greece. Due to its proximity to Athens, this is a popular holiday destination for the people who live in that city. The wealth of natural beauty and archaeological sites is astounding – almost like the hoard of some dragon.

Climbing Mount Olympus – Home of the Ancient Greek Gods

Mount Olympos, home to the major Greek Deities of antiquity, is the tallest mountain in Greece. Many people each year choose to climb the 2,919 metres to its summit, though this is no easy feat. The Olympus range in which the highest peak is located is a natural playground for climbers and hikers, with over fifty peaks, deep gorges and a whole array of beautiful vistas full of fascinating wildlife.

How To Stay Safe As A Solo Traveler

Many people like to travel, but are seeking for travel buddies to accompany them, which mean that not always you can find a travel companion with you who share the same interest. The reason why people are scared from traveling is “traveling alone” but the good news is that you can travel as a solo traveler and stay safe on the road. Use these following few rules on the road as I have always followed them and had the best experiences of my life.

Best Quiet and Secluded Beaches in Greece

Greece is well known for its breathtaking beaches. Unfortunately this means that many of the beaches closest to tourist resort areas become rather crowded during the peak summer season. Fortunately, there are still many others that are less busy, that remain largely undiscovered or are slightly more effort to get to and so discourage many tourists.

Eco Destinations in the United States

It is strange that the most developed nations in the world lag far behind developing nations when it comes to the proliferation of ecologically friendly and sustainable travel options. You will, however, find many excellent eco destinations all over the world and the United States is no exception. Here are five of the eco destinations you will find across the country: El Monte Sagrado Taos, New Mexico This sleek, chic, native American inspired eco-lodging option combined excellent design with some good environmental credentials.

Best Beaches on Turkey’s Black Sea Coast

The Turkish Black Sea Coast may not be the Turkey you expect. It is a wind-swept, lush and often rainy place of quaint, largely unspoiled towns and verdant fecundity. Don’t come to this infrequently visited spot expecting an experience akin to that you would get on the Turquoise or Aegean Coasts of the country.

Monument Valley: A Trip Of A Lifetime

Monument Valley and the Navajo Nation lands is on of the iconic landmarks of the America South West. This article introduces you to the beauty of this timeless landscape which has won the hearts of all who have been fortunate enough to visit. Maybe you have it on your bucket list but if not, then you will surely be asking for a pen and paper after reading this article.

The Splendid Castles Of The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is not just a very picturesque and historic region in France – it is also home to three magnificent castles. If you are planning an amazing vacation in this French region, make sure to include these chateaus, which offer tours to the public. And if you have the budget, why not stay a night in one of these real castles? By staying overnight, you can fully explore the castle’s interior and get to know its glorious past.

The Estancia Los Potreros in Argentina

The nation of Argentina has a long history and strong culture that involve horses. In the nation’s countryside, the iconic cowboys, called gauchos continue to enrich such culture.

Osaka, The Cultural Haven You Must Visit

Osaka is a fascinating city. It’s filled to the brim with delicious food and plenty of tourist attractions. However, it’s the less than obvious that will catch you offguard. We’ve been to Osaka twice now, each visit with a different focus. In our first trip we admired Osaka for its famous aquarium, its engimatic skyscrapers, and its shopping.

Eco-Destinations in India

The problem with trying to find ecologically friendly accommodation in India is that, realising the money to be made from green and ethically responsible travel, many places have jumped on the ‘eco’ bandwagon that are nothing of the sort. Here are a few ‘eco’ options in India. It is worthwhile taking the time to research each of the options to make sure they truly meet the ecological and ethical standards you would expect.

Qualities of a Good Eco Resort

There are a growing number of eco resorts popping up around the globe to cater for the many people who want to travel sustainably. It is easy to find resorts that carry the ‘eco’ label but harder to find one that truly embodies the environmental and cultural ideals of a true ecologically friendly resort. Here are some things that will distinguish a good eco resort, so when choosing your sustainable travel accommodation you should consider whether your choice offers the following: Accommodation is made from reclaimed or natural materials: Sometimes huts may be made from mud,…

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