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Tips To Prepare Your Body For The K2 Adventure

Climbing and trekking are high altitude tasks, involving strenuous activities and demanding dexterity. Climbing K2 and trekking to the K2 base camp are among the most risky adventures on earth because K2 is 8,611m above sea level. Your body needs to be prepared and acclimatized for the adventure. These tips will help you get your body ready for your extreme adventure to K2.

Tyre or Sur – Of Biblical Elements & Roman Ruins

Few places on this plant evocatively blend biblical and ancient elements. Tyre or Sur is one of them that tie its Roman ruins with several biblical stories.

Jungle Safari at Pench National Park

On the scout for some adventure travel, with a couple of girl pals along, I ventured into the Pench National Park for a two-day safari. I am not a die-hard animal lover, but staying in the forest and watching the animals in their natural habitat was an experience I would remember for long. Armed with a pair of binoculars and a DSLR, I witnessed leopards, deers, wild monkeys and exoctic birds living in peace and harmony.

Scuba Diving in Palau

If you are looking for a place that is exotic in its own right then Palau is the place. Make sure you plan your next trip here!

Zip Line In Africa

Few other areas of the world can be so perfect for zip lines. Africa is the second largest continent in terms of people and area. It contains 11.7 million square miles including some of the African islands

Creepy Haunted Houses in Maine Make Your Blood Run Cold

Has someone ever seen the “White Lady” at Brownsville Road? A drive on the ‘Green Bridge’, Maine rakes up an icky feeling. You cannot help standing a quiver with bated breath while you’re driving to one of the creepiest haunted houses in Maine.

Travelling to Bali – When You Are a Newbie!

Bali… The paradise on earth is one of the most sought after places for travellers from all corners of the world. Unleash the hidden treasures of this enigmatic tropical destination as a newbie.

Pardon the Pixie Dust While Visiting Universal’s Islands of Adventure Park

There are times to travel and there are times not to travel. This is a story of making the best of a time that should have been rescheduled to a warmer time of the year.

Going on a Trip on an RV? Here Are 5 Pre-Travel Tips for You to Follow

Most people these days are over enthusiastic about an adventure backpacking and why won’t they be? After all, these days’ people hardly can enjoy an extended vacation due to extreme work pressure. So the prospect of a hiking trip seems extremely appealing to most people. As appealing as it might sound, going hiking is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This Is Why You Need To Go To Mt. Kenya – Part 4

Everyone knows that African sunsets and sunrises are beautiful, but to experience that from the second highest point in the continent is an experience of a lifetime. This is because as the sun rises, it sends forth rays that reflect on the ice on multiple points, forming a myriad of patterns, light glares and reflections that cannot in words be captured. The porters call it ‘paradise’.

This Is Why You Need To Go To Mt. Kenya – Part 3

The most breathtaking feature of the moorland is the rivers. Forget the beautiful pictures you see in documentaries of nature from Fiji or Canada or wherever. That is not how a river looks like at the source, and even if the photographer is standing right where the ice begins to melt, the best cameras still fall short of 30 megapixels and the human eye boasts of 512 megapixels, therefore, even with those pictures, do not for a moment think that you have seen how a river looks like at the source.

This Is Why You Need To Go To Mt. Kenya – Part 2

After the bamboo, you reach the lodge, which is just at the point where the moorland begins. There are two points for viewing the animals, which are basically natural clearings on a valley below the lodge, and the wardens sometimes pour salt on these clearings so that animals can come and lick it. It is such a scene in which you get to observe all sorts of animals together in a clearing about 200 metres below you.

This Is Why You Need To Go To Mt. Kenya – Part 1

After passing all settlement areas, you will come across animals such as monkeys and dik-diks unless you are travelling in the evening when you might come across anything from a leopard to a buffalo or elephant. I was fortunate to see all of these animals on my first trip, and in this article will briefly describe my encounter with each.

Adventure in Alaska on a Diesel Pusher

The ultimate in quality construction, luxe amenities and spacious living on-the-go – that is class A motor home for you. With its unique level of privacy and comfort, and abundant storage capacity, a Class A coach will truly be your home-away-from-home on the open road. Featuring the best driving safety technologies, these luxurious home-on-wheels have the added reliability of a powerful diesel engine.

Kibuka Falls – Adventure Into One of Kenya’s Hidden Allures

When people hear of Kenya, they think of lions and elephants and the wildebeest migration. Then they think of the Maasai, the sunny beaches and Mt. Kenya. After that they can think of whatever the media has made them believe to be great about Kenya, but few, if any, have had the pleasure of knowing about, let alone visiting the hidden wonder called Kibuka Falls. From what I learnt from a hydro-mechanical engineer, one of the basic elements about water is that it always finds it level.

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