Hotel Arts Barcelona, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel (full tour)

Jungle Safari – How To Make It Most Rewarding

Jungle safaris offer great opportunities for you to see wild animals in their natural habitats. It is really nothing like going to the zoo where the animals do not have freedom and are not set in their natural habitats. There are so many jungle safari destinations across the world, but Africa remains to be top of the list as one of the best continents you can choose to have an amazing jungle safari experience. The safaris involve exploring forests that have teeming wildlife and you definitely will enjoy the rich natural diversity in the destination that you choose.

Go Wild With A Myriad of Places to Visit in Thekkady

‘Wildly adventurous’ – these are the words that can be used to describe Thekkady, the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. Home to elephants, tigers, leopards, bison, sambar deer, boars and many more endangered species of wildlife, the sanctuary is sure to make your visit very memorable.

Stick to the 7 Rules and Explore the Stupendous Wildlife Beauty

Nature has displayed a full assortment of splendid natural beauty that is absolutely breathtaking. Naturally as you explore these wonders of nature; it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not disrupt the environment at any point of the expedition. Like every place has its own rule this, too has its own set of regulations to abide by in order to protect the flora and fauna. This will ensure that they keep beautifying the place for years to come.

Epiphanies in Bangladesh

The whirling of the fan above my head spread heat in my claustrophobic room like wildfire. Beads of sweat appeared on my skin and quickly evaporated, making room for the next round of salty dew. The engine roared beneath me and sent my body into waves of motion sickness; I was trapped between the heat and monstrous vibrations.

Essential Travel Gear for Any Adventure

There are just some things you should never leave home without, if you’re a backpacker. Here are a few items I bring on every adventure. Some might surprise you.

Top 5 Tips Backpackers Should Follow on a Wildlife Tour

Arranging a visit to enjoy the rich verdure of the nation, scattered in different National Parks and Sanctuaries are entirely simple. However there needs to be some sort of planning involved in it. Appropriate planning and sorting out things can help explorers to appreciate the excursion with no anxiety. Packing is not as simple as it appears to be, all the more so in the event that you want to go for backpacking wildlife tour. This is on account of; it is extremely hard to expect what shock anticipates you. Backpacking should be done in a deliberate way and one must not let his or her over creative energy run wild.

4 Safety Tips While Travelling for Outback Tours

Going out for an outdoor tour often has several aspects to it where most people prefer planning beforehand. The planning includes hotel accommodations, passes to local attractions, booking for local transportation, etc. Apart from that, it involves carrying along necessary requirements such as clothing, medication, guide maps and several other things that may come to use while outdoors.

5 Insanely Engaging Things You Can Do in Florida

Are you planning to visit Florida in the near future or a localite who has still not explored the “Sunshine State”? Boasting of an inviting climate and a stockpile of natural wonders, Florida makes for a perfect holidaying destination for everyone, be it kids, adults or seniors. Also, labeled as the “theme park capital of the world”, this state has everything you can possibly ask for.

How to Deal With a Jellyfish Sting

Running into a jellyfish can be a painful experience. Whether the common moon jellyfish or the dreaded man-o-war, here’s how to deal with a jellyfish sting.

4 Kid-Friendly Costa Rica Adventures

It may come as no surprise that Costa Rica offers some amazing opportunities for travelers. What you may not know is that it is also an ideal place for a family vacation…

The Literal Key to the Cross, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

At the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, two men take care of this sacred Christian site. You might be surprised that they are Muslim whose families have opened and closed the door for centuries with a key.

Rishikesh Adventure Tour – My Incredible Experience

My Rishikesh adventure tour. A thrilling experience with lots of adventures such as bungee jumping.rafting etc.

Spectacular Yellowstone

The National Park System of the United States is a superbly-managed source of natural fun. Go to the nearest one. Develop a taste for walking, hiking, mountain biking, camping, photography, and exploring. Save the Western locations for last.

Hiking in Batad Rice Terraces, Philippines

Travel article for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Batad in the Philippines is often praised for its majestic view of “green staircases”, built along the mountain range by the indigenous people thousands of years ago.

5 Great Beach Destinations in Latin America

There is something magical in the colors of the Caribbean Sea, causing the eyes to keep staring for hours into the landscape. Adding sparkling white sandy beaches, palm trees, which are ideal for tension hammock and opportunities for water sports are so many, and for decades lot’s of people call this place paradise on Earth. Many of the islands are now world-famous destinations, resulting in-built roads and hotels that provide comfort, but bring danger to the island’s pristine nature.

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