Hacienda Na Xamena | Most romantic 5-star hotel in Ibiza (full tour in 4K)

1. Intro Most romantic 5-star hotel in Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful Mediterranean island located just north of Spain. Ibiza in Spanish means “the island” and it has the best restaurants in the world, making it the perfect place to taste the best of Spanish food.
The world’s most romantic 5-star hotel based on 5-star points is Hotel Santorini in Ibiza. It is a 5-star hotel with 37 stars atop its roof and has been voted as one of the most romantic hotels in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine.
It was ranked #2 for “Hotels with a Love Affair” by Condé Nast magazine, which recognized it as one of their 10 romantic hotels around the world.
Another 5-star hotel is The Blue Sky Hotel, which is also located on Ibiza. It was ranked #2 for “Hotels with a Love Affair” by Condé Nast magazine, which recognized it as one of their 10 romantic hotels around the world.

2. Most romantic 5-star hotel in Ibiza: The Gran Hotel Del Rio

Ibiza is a magical place, sometimes known as paradise on earth for both tourists and locals alike. The island’s heart beats in the same rhythm as the Mediterranean. With a warm climate, sun and sand, it is a natural habitat for the most romantic people. Ibiza is also popular with couples who seek to find love in paradise; but don’t let that put you off since there are many who just like to get away from their problems in Ibiza.
The Gran Hotel Del Rio is one of the most exclusive hotels on Ibiza and during peak season, this five-star boutique hotel can only accommodate up to 50 guests per room per night. Located right on the beach and surrounded by palm trees, this hotel has its own pool and it would be so easy to forget that you are staying in Ibiza when you could be out partying all night with your friends or heading out for an adventure by taking a boat ride around the island.
This luxurious boutique hotel was designed by world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava and has been given three stars from TripAdvisor which is an honor given only to five-star hotels on Ibiza. The hotel itself has its own Spa centre which has been awarded four stars by TripAdvisor because of its excellent spa services including massages, facials treatments and body treatments.

3. Best beaches on Ibiza

The most romantic places on Ibiza are the ones you cannot visit. The most romantic hotel in Ibiza would be the one you can’t afford.
If there’s one place you have to go to for inspiration, it would be Ibiza. It is a tropical island in the southern part of Spain, and is located between Morocco and Almeria.
Located in the northeast of Spain, this party-studded paradise is known for its many beaches and nightlife, as well as its fine restaurants and bars. It’s also known for its natural beauty, warm climate, relaxed atmosphere, small town feel, and best beaches on Ibiza.
If you haven’t been here yet (and why would you?), then make sure to get a holiday as soon as possible once your schedule allows it. And if you have already visited some of its most popular beaches, then I suggest that you take a look at our list of 8 most romantic hotels in Ibiza below!
The Most Romantic 5-Star Hotel In Ibiza

4. Best restaurants in Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful island in Spain, located off the coast of Spain. Ibiza’s perfect location as well as its location in the south of Spain has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
Many travelers – particularly those who are looking for romantic getaways – choose Ibiza as their vacation destination for two primary reasons: The island is situated in an ideal position on the Mediterranean Sea, which means that there are many beautiful sunsets and sunrises during this time of year. Additionally, there are many fun activities to do while on vacation including boat rides, poolside excursions and plenty more.
Ibiza’s beaches are something else: They have lines down the beach that stretch for as far as you can see! There are hotels with restaurants and bars right underneath them; there are several nightclubs right next to the beach; and even one hotel with a canal swimming pool right next to it!
However, if you’re looking to stay close by some of these activities while you enjoy your time on holiday here on Ibiza, then you may want to consider staying at a five-star hotel in Ibiza. These hotels offer all these things and more so that you can still enjoy your holiday without having to take your car out into town or even resorting to public transport.
The five-star hotels in Ibiza offer a wonderful experience for anyone looking for romance during their stay here. They even have romantic ones on each floor! And they also offer room service! In addition to all this incredible luxury, some of these hotels also provide free Wi-Fi access in their rooms – which means you can use your computer (or any other device) while you’re relaxing over a drink at night or when going out with friends after dinner!
You might be thinking “Why would anyone need Wi-Fi access when I could just go out onto the beach?” Well, because using Wi-Fi while relaxing at an amazing five-star hotel sounds absolutely incredible. It feels like magic, doesn’t it?
The fact is that many people love getting away from it all by spending their vacations at resorts like this one and giving themselves a break from everyday life by relaxing at these resorts after work or on their breaks away from work. You might be getting ready for summer school or visiting family during summer break (if employed). Or perhaps you just want to stay connected whilst catching up with friends

5. Best club in Ibiza

The most romantic 5-star hotel in Ibiza is not just the place that guarantees a night of blissful love — it’s also a place where you can find some of the most well-crafted cocktails in all of Ibiza.
The best club in Ibiza is not just an environment for dancing and partying. It’s also where you can find the best music, dance moves and general atmosphere to make your night unforgettable.
In fact, it’s at this joint that we can expect to hear one of the most anticipated Latin dances: Canción Libre (the Cuban national anthem). This dance performed by the best DJs from all over Latin America makes its way onto one of Europe’s top dance floors.
In short, it means that we must find what makes this venue so unique, and go out of our way to experience it when possible!

6. How to get there?

If a 5-star hotel interiors and amenities are the most important features in your choice of a 5-star hotel, then we’d like to recommend you the most romantic 5-star hotel in Ibiza. To reach this wonderful place, you’ll need to take either a taxi or a car rental company from one of the major airports, such as Barcelona or Madrid.
As for the room, you may book your room for an extremely low rate here if you prefer to spend less on your entertainment, so feel free to book your room at least one day before arrival. In our opinion, call ahead first and confirm with the front desk that your reservation is absolutely confirmed and receive an early check-in time.

7. Conclusion

The most romantic 5-star hotel in Ibiza is a place that has been capturing the hearts of lovers and readers alike for years. The only reason why it remains here, among the numerous destinations in Ibiza, is because it’s simply the most romantic hotel in all of Spain.
The hotel is owned by Grand Hotel Casa Del Mar, a luxury family-run establishment that opened its doors over 100 years ago. This luxury boutique hotel offers a variety of amenities for its guests, including a spa with treatments that include massages and facials. Because it was built from scratch by the same architect as the famed Hotel de Paris, Casa Del Mar also offers an innovative design approach to architecture and interior design.
The hotel’s signature building, Casa La Torre, which overlooks the Vila Paroissia bay at one end of the island and Güell Mountain on its other side, is one of La Torre’s most iconic features. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava to resemble a tower “like an old tower or like an old castle.” The original structure was completed in 2003.


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