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1. Intro world’s most beautiful cities

The world’s most beautiful cities are ranked in order of their highest population density.
Paris was just a few years ago the most populous city in the world with over 10 million people, but Paris is now struggling to keep up with its own decay, and is slowly losing its place as the second most populous city.
New York City (NYC), on the other hand, has been constantly growing in population for over 50 years. The growth has come from the business of tourism and from New Yorkers who have accepted living in a metropolis and have become accustomed to the constant noise and pollution that comes with it. Another reason for NYC’s success is that it has been able to maintain its edge in terms of attracting tourists, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
London, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as popular as Paris or NYC. It isn’t even close. But London has established itself as one of Europe’s cultural centers while managed to avoid being overshadowed by Paris and NYC (which were both once French).
It seems like every year there are more reports about European cities becoming less popular than ever before; some cities having lost well over 50% of their populations since 1950! But how do you tell which cities are truly having problems?
Let’s take a look at this list:

2. The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Most Beautiful Cities in the World
Paris, France, took the top spot. New York City and London rounded out the top three.

#10: Sydney, Australia

With over half a billion people in this city, it’s no wonder that Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world.
Sydney, Australia’s capital, is a multicultural metropolis with a population of around 2 million. What sets it apart from other cities on this list is that although it has the highest population density of any city in the world (1,824 people per square kilometer), Sydney’s elevation (257 feet above sea level) only helps to make it feel more livable and more conducive to living life as a tourist.

#9: Rome, Italy

Forget the list of #1s, #2s, and #3s. You might have a better idea for a top 10 list.
The Top 10 Beautiful Cities in the World are as follows:
1. Paris, France
2. New York City, NY
3. London, England
4. Rome, Italy
5. Copenhagen, Denmark

#8: Amsterdam, Netherlands

A recent poll of 42,000 people seeking the most beautiful cities in the world revealed that Amsterdam took the top spot. The Dutch capital was found to have 38.8 percent of respondents saying that they would love to live there, which is slightly higher than London’s 36.2 percent and Paris’s 35.2 percent.
These results align with a previous survey by Lonely Planet’s Global Cities Barometer in 2010, which found that Amsterdam ranks as the most desirable city in the world for culture lovers and those seeking a more open atmosphere.
The most beautiful cities in the world are not necessarily those with the best climates and scenery; some of them are considered more suitable for retirees, while others are located far away from population centers or have been deemed too expensive for many people to afford on a monthly basis.
A person who is looking for a city to retire to is probably assumed to be someone who is older than 25 years old, although young people may also find cities like London or New York City attractive due to its cosmopolitan vibe and upscale skyline .

 #7: Washington D.C.

“Washington D.C. was the last of the 30 most beautiful cities in the world, according to a new ranking from the Lonely Planet.”
New York City and Paris were runners-up. New York City took home first place in this year’s poll, while Paris came in second.
London rounded out the top three. Other cities that made the list this year included: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Osaka.

#6: Venice, Italy

The most beautiful cities in the world might not surpise you, but if you’re a lover of art and beauty, this list might. The cities above are ranked based on the number of works of art (including sculptures) that can be found within their walls.
Paris is home to 3.2 million works of art (including 2.1 million sculptures), which makes it the world’s most visited city with more than 5.6 million visitors each year, making it ranked first on the list.
London seems not to have made it into the top 10, while Tokyo placed 13th and New York City 19th.
The top 30 most beautiful cities in the world are:
1) Paris, France – 3.2 million works of art (including 2.1 million sculptures), visitors per year = 561,000
2) London – 1.5 million works of art (including 521,000 sculptures), visitors per year = 602,000
3) Venice – 1.5 million works of art (including 450,000 sculptures), visitors per year = 456,500
4) Milan – 1.4 million works of art (including 434,500 sculptures), visitors per year = 360,700
5) New York City – 1 million works of art (includes 483,600 sculptures), visitors per year = 509,900

#5: London

“London” is the fifth most beautiful city in the world.
New York City and Paris came in second and third place, respectively. Runner-up cities for 30 Most Beautiful Cities are Rome, Italy; Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; and Prague, Czech Republic.
Paris was ranked the second most beautiful city by Lonely Planet readers in 2014. In addition to its beauty, Paris’ charm can be felt throughout its culture and history. The city’s long history is reflected in buildings that date back centuries to Medieval times—a time when it was known as “The City of Love.”
Paris has been an important cultural center since Antiquity; it has been home to many famous figures including Napoleon Bonaparte, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Michel de Montaigne. The city has also hosted many scientists and artists over the centuries including Marie Curie (the first woman to win a Nobel Prize), Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso’s great-great-grandfather Gaspard Dughet (who was born in Paris), and Jean Cocteau who lived there while he was writing “La Belle et La Bête.”


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