10 Most Colorful Cities in the World

Adventures Increase Long-Term Happiness

As humans, we strive for many things in life. Some people strive for materialistic things, such as cars, houses, and land. Others strive to have “successful” jobs such as being an actor/actress, or becoming a famous writer.

Bucket List: The Ancient and Magical Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is a magnificent “lost kingdom” just waiting to be discovered by anyone who loves to explore, interact with the locals, and experience new sensations. Both ancient and modern, it has something for everyone, from camping in the Sahara to 5 Star Plus accommodations.

6 Reasons Why We Love Delhiites, and Delhi Too

Delhi is much more than a metropolitan; it’s a way of life. It’s the perfect blend of the highs and the lows, rich history and avant-garde amenities, the fusion of the old and the new. Delhi is the heart of the country enticing everyone who sets foot in the city.

Five Things To Consider When Going on an African Safari

This article talks about what you should consider when going on an African safari. Also, it tells the perfect time to plan your safari trip.

How Do You Get a Ferry to Phi Phi From Krabi?

Phi Phi is one of the best islands in Thailand that you must visit. It is made up of six astoundingly beautiful limestone island in the stunning azure blue Andaman sea.

Leh & Ladakh: A Cocktail of Adventure Sports, Trekking Trails, Misty Valleys and Monasteries

Leh & Ladakh are one of the most stunning corners of India. These are the amazing lands of freezing winds and burning hot sunlight, cold desert in the rain shadow of the awe inspiring Great Himalayas. Globetrotters get mesmerized in the verdant surroundings of the place enhanced with misty valleys, lofty mountain ranges and fascinating landscapes.

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland

Even the most experienced travelers will assert that Iceland is incomparable to any other country on the planet. The incredible beauty and strength of its natural elements make Iceland unique and vibrant.

A German’s Quest for the 60th Summit in the World

Last October 11, 2014, I had the chance to climb with Markus Hogenschurz a German engineer whose passion of scaling every highest mountain in every country around the world. On this climb, it was his 60th Summit, and it was an honor to climb with a seasoned climber like him to the roof of the Philippines. We started our day at 5 AM with a bus ride for an hour and then transferred to a chartered motorcycle locally known as “Habal-habal” up to the trail head in Baruring. During this ride, he was amazed on the mode of transportation that we took and says that people living in the are exceptionally extraordinary.

It’s Hard to Imagine Ending a Day at Magic Kingdom Without ‘Wishes’ Fireworks

The fireworks show – Wishes is one of the most breath-taking night-time experiences that Magic Kingdom Park of Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. It’s the star of the evening and a big-time fan favourite as well. Throughout the fourteen long years of its incredibly successful existence, Wishes has been an important part of the overall Disney experience.

Five Tips For a Better Great Wall Hiking Tour of China

Great Wall of China is one of the important ancient wonders in the world. Perhaps, in the world, there is no civilized man, who has not heard about the “eighth wonder of the world (Pre-1900 Creation)” – the Great Wall of China.

Best Places To Go For A Road Trip In Europe

A road trip is an experience to remember and a road trip in Europe is an experience of a lifetime. So this summer, change your life and go on a road trip to these locations in Europe. Get cheap airline tickets online and start planning your trip today.

What To Take On A Safari To Uganda

Uganda is an underrated destination for an African safari holiday but is a country with a lot of surprises. From gorilla tracking to wildlife watching and cultural experiences, Uganda will enthral you. Here’s a short guide on the essential items to take on a safari holiday to Uganda.

Visit Pakistan For A Memorable Vacation Trip

If you have a small budget and want to visit a country with diverse culture, unspoiled natural beauty, ancient history, centuries old traditions and the delicious food, then there is no place in the world better than Pakistan. Most foreign tourists are afraid of the security situation in Pakistan and thus avoid visiting this country. In fact, the situation is not really as bad as being projected by the media reports.

A Believer’s Journeys on the Daily Commute

The world is, supposedly, only as big as your mind. What one seeks from long journeys should then be at arm’s length. The mundane daily commute should then be voyages of discovery. And pilgrimages should end at the sound of a voice. Here is how I learnt it the hard way.

The City of a Thousand Temples

The city is world famous for its silk weaving, with Kanchipuram Silk being a recognizable brand. Many people have left their mark on the city from the Pallavas to the British.

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