10 Best Places to Visit in Utah – Travel Video

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With five national parks, 43 state parks, and vast areas of breathtaking wilderness, Utah is one of the most popular states in the country for tourism. Along with what is recognized as the best snow on earth, visitors to Utah are also able to enjoy outdoor recreation, scenic vistas, and world-class shopping and dining. Thanks to Utah’s ideal location, this lovely state presents the best of the Desert Southwest and the Rocky Mountains. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Utah:

A Vacation on Hilton Head Island

This article talks about Hilton Head Island as a vacation spot. There are various attractions available for all vacationers on Hilton Head. The popular choices and the unique choices are discussed in this article, as well. Hilton Head Island has all the ingredients needed for a perfect island vacation.

Inle Lake – Myanmar

If you want to see one of the Myanmar’s top natural attractions and still get a heavy dose of local culture, make your way to Inle Lake. Situated in the middle of Shan Plateau, this gorgeous highland lake stretches 22 kilometers long and 10 kilometers across.

The Best Adventure Holidays for 2015

If you are one who loves adventures, just the thrill of exploring new places and making the most of those destinations then we have the perfect solution. So this list is for anyone who considers himself or herself a dare devil. Well, here is a list that makes most daredevils scared and excited.

Explore, Rejuvenate and Rediscover England – Your Next Walking Holiday

When going on holiday (vacation or non-work time) in the UK, there are many options. The UK is filled with beautiful walking and hiking trails that will lead you on an adventure of a lifetime. These walking holidays are the best way to discover rural Britain and reinvigorate your adventurous soul.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

With a lineage from seven different colonizers, it is no wonder St. Croix is rich in language, history, traditions and architecture despite its size and location. On this Caribbean island, you will still feel the old world charm that is rarely existent with other islands in the region. But like the others, St. Croix’ pace of life is slower, but with such beauty, why would anyone be in a hurry to go anywhere else?

The Marvelous Rim Walk at Kings Canyon Australia

Ready for a hiking adventure in the land down under? Make your way to Australia’s Northern Territory, specifically to Kings Canyon Rim for an amazing trekking escapade.

Kokoda Trail, Papua, New Guinea

An incredible experience in a wild and lush jungle set in a remote part of the world – this is what Papua New Guinea’s Kokoda Trail offers to the intrepid traveler. Although it is known as one of the most grueling and mentally challenging jungle trails in the world, thousands of travelers still come to the country in the hopes of outlasting Kokoda.

Atlantida, What a Pleasant Surprise!

White water rafting, diving, hiking, horseback riding, zip line canopy tours, rappelling down tropical waterfalls… These are just a few of the many different adventure activities available for you in Atlantida. Add some of the best birdwatching in Central America and the unique, World Heritage Garifuna culture, and you have one heck of destination!

Lovely Gustavia – Capital of Saint Barts

Aside from being the capital of Saint Barts (St. Barthelemy), Gustavia is also the nation’s historical and cultural hub.

A Glimpse of the Europe’s Best Beaches

Europe has some breath-taking beaches. Have you explored the best beaches?

Argentina Road Trip

Have you ever wondered what a trip to the End of the world will look like? As much as you would love answers provided to questions you may have regarding the end of the world, you may also have lots of questions concerning this city at the end of the world. Well, if you do not still know by now, well the city that has been claimed the end of the world is Ushuaia, the capital of one of Argentina’s famous states, Tierra del Fuego.

Our Jaunty Car Ride Through Killarney National Park, Ireland

My story of visiting Killarney National Park, Ireland will always remain in my thoughts. I and My husband discovered new possibilities of life with this trip. Read further to discover what we found in our trip.

Lucerne – Our Essentially Swiss Experience

Last year we exhausted our Germany road map and, since my sister and I love continental Europe, it was only natural that this summer our holiday brought us to Lucerne. Why Lucerne? Because it’s located right next to the postcard-like Lake Lucerne, with the Alps as a backdrop. Because it’s essentially Swiss. Because it offers a fine blend of the old with the ultra modern. Most importantly probably, because it’s centrally located in Switzerland, making it the perfect base for our turistic forays into the heart of the country, where alpine scenery, beautiful lakes and rivers, and wonderful little towns and villages await us.

Gunung Tahan, Malaysia

Malaysia is gifted with pristine lush jungles and beautiful peaks; making it the ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts and avid mountaineers. Although the East Malaysia region, which includes the Sabah area, is much more known as the destination for outdoor lovers, Peninsular Malaysia’s own natural attractions also deserve a look.

Fatu Hiva – Paradise in French Polynesia

You will definitely know that you are away from it all once you reach Fatu Hiva. This small and very remote island is part of the Marquesas Islands, which in turn, belongs to the French Polynesian territory of France.

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