10 Best Places to Visit in Germany – Travel Video

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Best known for its famous Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany is also home to some of Europa’s most beautiful scenery, fairytale castles, important historic sites and lively party scenes. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany maintains the continent’s most powerful economy.

The Ultimate Descent? Ride Down A 4,000m Alp On a Bike

When I was challenged to ride down a 4,000m Alp on my bike, there was only one thing left to do – find the right one! It was my photographer sidekick Patrick who gave me the idea of the Breithorn, a 4,164m (13,661ft) peak on the Italo-Swiss border. Could this be the ultimate mountain bike descent?

World’s Largest Cave in Vietnam Son Doong Exploring Preparation

Listed as 1 of the 10 destinations to visit in life, Son Doong Vietnam is now becoming a top wanted place to visit in Vietnam. It will be a long journey of at least 2 weeks to visit this giant cave and the preparation will be somehow special compared to the other cave visit. Let’s follow our Vietnam Travel Blog to discover more about the details.

The Secret Vacation – Let Your Vacation Plan You

Let your vacation plan you! Keep your mind open, and discover new worlds right in your own back yard. You don’t always have to travel far to find intrigue, adventure and fun.

A July Retreat: Places To Visit In July

Many of us plan are vacations in July, the month in which summer truly sets its footing firmly. Are you confused which place to visit in this lovely month? We have done the work for you, read on and pick anyone of the locations that truly reveal their colors in July. Visit these places and sink in the summer feel.

The Glorious Medieval Town of Cesis Latvia

Cesis is undeniably one of the prettiest towns in Latvia. Situated at the heart of Vidzeme, the town is known for its impressive medieval castle ruins, which also stands as the iconic symbol for Cesis.

Culture, Heritage and Fun

Hilton Head Island is a place rich in culture and makes for makes for a great holiday destination. Planning a vacation? Still looking for a destination? Check out the Hilton Head Island! The Hilton Head Island is a beautiful destination. Located in the vicinity of nature amongst the sea waters, this island has been the home of the Gullah community for three centuries.

The Bat Cave of Boracay Island

On the northern point of the romantic island of Boracay is the home of the fruit bats. Because of their presence on the island, the mosquito population is kept in check.

Children and Cross Country Travel

Once school is out and summer rolls in, many families hit the roads for a small vacation. Visiting another party of your country is a good way to spend some quality time with the family and have some fun as well. The first choice is a road trip since that is more adventurous and has a freer feel to it.

A Vacation Gone Wrong

My parents, twin brother, and I took a trip to the mountains of North Carolina when I was about eight years old. This was long before the days of the internet and the abundance of travel information that is available today. We went in late August on the annual family vacation. When we got to the mountain of North Carolina it was cool. I mean it was absolutely cold at night. The lodgings that had been recommended by family friends offered a regular hotel room or a trailer. My parents opted for the trailer because you could cook your own food and being budget conscious they thought they could save a few bucks. We got settled in fairly well on the first night we were there and planned on several sites to visit and things to do.

Why You Should Stop in Padangbai on the Way to the Gili Islands

There’s a real exotic vibe about the village of Padangbai in the Karangasem region of Bali. Mostly known for its scuba diving there is a lot more to offer in this small fishing village.

A Little Romance Among The Ruins – A Memoir

From the 20th century’s graceful ocean liners to the flashy behemoths of today, what happened to the romance of ships? From Pan-American’s ‘Round The World Flight 101 to the flying sardine cans of today, what happened to the romance of flight? When the realism of motion picture film dissolved into soulless digital, whatever happened to the romance of cinema-the great Italian directors, the idyllic Merchant-Ivory productions? As I look back on my generation, the past has a clarity I can no longer see or hear in the present.

Rodeo Fun at the Pendleton Round-Up – Oregon

Have you ever wanted to see a true-blue American rodeo? If so, one of the events that will most certainly fulfill your desire is the 104 year old Pendleton Round-Up!

SeaWorld Orlando’s Mako Ride Is More Than Just a Screaming Delight

It seems there is no end to the amount of thrills we can have as a theme park fan. And when it comes to the world-famous rides in Orlando, Florida, the thrill gets even more aggressive and inspiring with every new addition to the list here. The coming of the all new Mako Coaster is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated theme park offerings in this regard.

Looking for Sakten

The 10-day trip to Merak and Sakteng was one of the best experiences that I ever had of trekking and hiking in the mountains. Although I had to walk for almost 10 grueling hours on alternate days, the journey was worth the while. So did someone rightly say: An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.

Why the Pinnacles Are Considered One of Nature’s Finest Creations

Just imagine a large stretch of a desert upon which are mysterious stone formations standing tall to create a stunning landscape. What a sight that would be to behold. Nearly every individual craves to go on a holiday at least once a year which makes choosing the travel destination even more difficult. Nobody would want to spend their hard earned money on a vacation that they wouldn’t’ enjoy.

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